Isidora Nikolic

Professional experience:

February 2008. – Present:

Creative Director
Arte Media - Arte Gallery
Svetogorska 29, Belgrade, Serbia

1.Organising and managing of artist's exhibitions and curated group exhibitions.
2.Maintenance and management of a company web portal
3.Corporate design for Arte Media
4.Design coverage of every exhibition and other public activity of Arte Gallery

  • large scale panels for outdoor exhibitions
  • posters for promotion for every exhibition
  • brochures and catalogues for artist's exhibitions and promotions
  • light box designs for company promotions
  • lambda prints of artworks
  • books (monographs) for artist's promotions
  • advertisements in magazines for Arte Gallery and artist's exhibitions
    5.Artwork sales
    6.Collaboration with artists, and art historians working with Arte Media and Arte Gallery
    7.Selection of artists and artworks for sales and exhibiting in Arte Gallery

October 2009:

Contracted graphic designer
University Library “Svetozar Marković“,
King Alexander Blvd. 71, Belgrade, Serbia

1.Science Fair
Brochure and wings for Library stand at the Science Fair

September 2008:

Contracted graphic designer
Belgrade Fortress d.o.o.
King Peter Str. 71/III, Belgrade, Serbia

1.Exhibition “Coins from the Belgrade Fortress”

  • Catalogues and large scale panels for outdoor exhibition
    • 2007:

Absinthe production
Baba Višnjina 27, Belgrade, Serbia

1.Branding for „Ornamentum“

  • billboards and magazine advertisements
    2.“Absinthe” restaurant,
  • promo materials and “Carlsberg” advertisement in interior

September 2007:

Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia
Vlajkovićeva 3, Belgrade, Serbia

1.„Europian heritage days“
catalogues, brochures, posters, promo materials
Large scale prints for outdoor exhibition „Rivers and fortresses“
2.Conventions of Ministry of Culture of Rep. Of Serbia

  • Architectural convention
  • „FARO“ convention
  • Archaeological convention

Other employments:

October 2009. - Present:
Contracted writer for „InHouse“ magazine.


Creative Director Graphic Design Typography Logo


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